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PREPARING FOR A RURAL TRACKING TRIAL   A few tips about how to be ready for a Rural Trial,

It will help you understand how things work on the day.
You are giving yourself the best chance to do well when you know what to expect.

Ensure you have the right length of lead, and correct type of harness for your dog
(read the rules) Ensure it fits okay

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the checking in point.......
Monarto is at least an hour from Adelaide CBD....possibly more depending on where you live.
Recent roadworks on the freeway have extended areas of 60km/hr restrictions
Give yourself extra time to get there. No one wants to arrive stressed

Checklist of things to bring / consider

 IMPORTANT Be sure to check in at the meeting place specified for vetting by the time specified
(no check in allowed past the designated time) as detailed on the Tracking Schedule.
You can't compete without this being done.

Water and small bowl to give your dog a drink during tracking. 
Treats for the end in a sealed container.

Sturdy waterproof footwear / Beanie / Gloves / Mobile Phone (turn it off /or mute when competing !
- you don't need that distraction on a track with your dog)
Waterproof clothing and waterproof pants....yes it does rain there sometimes
Consider dressing in layers - it can be cold first thing in the morning and get warmer as the day goes by.... 
take a layer off later. Pack a change of clothes.....hey you may not need them but put them in anyway
Articles that are needed for walking other tracks as instructed by your judge
Keep handy the phone numbers of - Trial Manager / your judge / your tracklayer
Be prepared to assist at the trial, stewarding, walking tracks or cross tracks for other competitors and bringing tracking articles if requested by your judge. (No bright / fluoro colours)

Instructions of where to meet -
1.    Vetting check in as per location and times listed on the schedule
2.    Then follow instructions by your judge (Monarto Map file on website shows local roads and is useful)

Visit the toilets in either Callington township or Monarto Oval. These are closest to our tracking areas.
Depending on local situations at the time, a Covid check in for the event may also need to be completed.
(this is not required as at May 2022 but in the current environment is subject to change)

Remember to enter the next trial immediately following the tracking day.
This can be done via Easydogentries (online) at
Alternatively hand your entry to the trial manager with payment for the next trial you plan to enter.
This can be done when we meet afterwards for presentations.
On the page
you will find an entry form and Tracking Test Information sheet.
The Tracking Test Information Sheet will require details of known tracklayer if doing tests 1 or 2
If the handler of the dog is to be different on the day this also should be notified at time of entry and to your judge
If a “Track On” becomes available payment and an entry form will be required before the track is done.

If you gain a title at the Trial (i.e., TD or TDX) make sure you put in an application to Dogs SA for your dog’s title to be registered..  This must be done before you can complete at the next trial.
There is a link on the Dogs SA website accessible via our club page so you can register a title.
Go to  The current fee is $28

A few snacks, maybe a thermos presentation we often share nibbles.
However at times of Covid 19 precautions this may not occur

Most importantly, enjoy your day !

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