Members are reminded that they are NOT to be in any of the trialling areas at Monarto (even the areas open to the public and definitely not on any of the lands that we have special permission to use) unless in the company and assisting one of the judges plotting for a trial in the 10 days prior to a trial or earlier if judges have commenced plotting, unless at official club training. If you are not sure or have a good reason to be in these areas, please consult with Josie Miller or Trial Manager. We have very specific permissions to go cross country at trials and training days and would not want to lose the use of the area.

A few pics from a training day held in 2022

On the right and below are some pics from the July 2020 Beginning Tracking Workshop....23 people attended. Topics covered included what is scent?  How to lay a track, lead handling, hard surface tracking, choice of harness, flag making, rules discussion and questions and answer
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