The Tracking Dog Club of South Australia Inc


 Track Laying Information Laying out the Start and the On Track articles

 Don’t wave the articles around, place them neatly at the bottom of the post.  Waving them around will spread the scent to far and that will confuse the dog.


Before walking the Track 

 Check the map, if you don’t quite understand it please ask the steward.  Check that you can see a couple of flags in front of you before setting off. If there is a cross track look where it crosses the track so as not to confuse it with the main track.



 Walk the track at a steady pace, do not scuff your feet (it is against the rules).   Walk round the corners picking up the flag as you go.
Stop only to place an article or read an instruction.  Check the flag numbers against the map to make sure you are at the right place.



If at the end of the track you are going to leave an article it must be a tee shirt folded twice  and laid flat on the ground at the bottom of the flag marker.  If you are going to return to the end of the track for the dog to find you, make sure you mark your way out if it is not already marked so you and return when the tracker and dog starts off. This way you will be able to find your way back to the right place easily.


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